“We renew and design spaces to be beautiful, functional and comfortable.”

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen design, renovation, reparationm installation and modification. We make magic in your kitchen, trust us and enjoy your luxury kitchen.

bathroom renovation

Bathroom design, renovation, reparationm installation and modification. The bathroom of your dreams, is now possible with us. Discover the pleasure of a lovely bathroom.

Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture design, renovation, reparation and modification. We love working with wood. From the restoration of your favorite furniture to the creation of the furniture of your dreams.

Kitchen Renovations


We offer a variety of options for our customers, including integrated cabinets (modular cabinets) or custom cabinets. Normally, the selection of the cabinets will be based on the desired aspect (dyed vs. painted), style (traditional, vs. modern) and other characteristics.

(splash guard)

It is a lining band that sits on the wall between the sink and the cupboard and serves as a splash guard. We offer several designs such as travertine, stacked stone, porcelain, ceramics and mosaics. These tiles are the perfect combination of style, elegance and modernism that your kitchen needs.

variety of

One of the easiest ways to give a new air to your home is to change the floor, there are currently a wide variety of possibilities and models. We offer you to make the floor of your kitchen in ceramic, wood, laminates, stone and marble.​


A new design on the kitchen walls can generate a great impact, the color of the paint is the perfect complement to achieve it. The color options are subject to the criteria and taste of your personality, but if you have not yet decided on the best color we can recommend the tones that best go with your kitchen and achieve the best finish on the walls.


In the kitchen it is essential to have a uniform and constant light, make an adequate distribution of the electric lights gives a feeling of warmth, you can use recessed spotlights or downlight. We can perform installations of ceiling lights, recessed lights in the cabinets, lights under the cabinets and lights in the upper cabinets.​

Kitchen Islands

The kitchen islands are very popular in recent years as people are looking for kitchen design solutions that are open plan and modern in appearance suitable for family enjoyment and sharing. The decision to install a kitchen island is an important decision in any renovation project.​

bathroom renovation

bathroom restoration and renovation on orlando florida

A bathroom renovation is an excellent investment, as it can increase the beauty, functionality and value of your home.

We will provide you with a completely customized bathroom renovation to ensure we meet your specific needs and desires, focusing on all aspects of a full bathroom.

Wooden furniture

Customize your space!!

We design your wooden furniture to your liking.

furniture wooden restauration in orlando florida

At J and J Enterprises Florida, we can help you renovate your kitchen or bathroom. Tell us what you want, and we will work to build the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.

You can incorporate custom details in your design to make your vision more distinctive.